20./21.10.17 Bucharest (RO) Rites of the Black Mass at Quantic Club with Aosoth / Acherontas / Misthyrming etc.
8.9.17 Lodz (PL) Summer Dying Loud with Solstafir / Sodom etc.
16.8.17 Dinkelsbühl (D) Summer Breeze with Uada / Kontinuum etc.
30.6.17  Olten (CH) at Coq d'Or with Zatokrev / Sum of R
10.6.17 Heidelberg (D) The End of Music at Karlstorbahnhof with Obscure Sphinx etc.



28.4.17 Zürich (CH) at Dynamo with Moonspell
21.4.17 Tilburg (NL) Roadburn at Het Patronaat with Coven / Mysticum/ Zeal & Ardor etc.
18.3.17 Basel (CH) BScene at Kaserne with Zatokrev
11.3.17 Martigny (CH) at Caves du Manoir with Regardes Les Hommes Tomber / Svart Crown / Lvx Hæresis / Malepeste (canceled)
18.2.17 Wien (AUT) at Viper Room with Urfaust
4.2.17 Lörrach (D) at Altes Wasserwerk with Cold Cell
28.1.17 Winterthur (CH) at Gaswerk with Rorcal
16./17.12.16 Eindhoven (NLD) Eindhoven Metal Meeting at Effenaar with Watain / Enthroned / Batushka etc.
3.12.16 Lenzburg (CH) at Met Bar with Infestus
25.11.16 Luzern (CH) at Sedel
14.11.16 Weinheim (D) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Cafee Zentral with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
13.11.16 Vosselaar (BE) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Biebob with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
12.11.16 Nijmegen (NL) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Doornroosje with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
11.11.16 Bochum (D) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Matrix with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
10.11.16 Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Kultur Fabrik with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
9.11.16 Manchester (UK) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Sound Control with Inquisition / Mystifier
8.11.16 Dublin (IRL) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Voodoo Lounge with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
7.11.16 London (UK) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Islington Assembly Hall with Inquisition / Mystifier
6.11.16 Paris (F) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Petit Bain with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
5.11.16 Rennes (F) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Ubu with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
4.11.16 Toulouse (F) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Metronum  with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
3.11.16 Madrid (ESP) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Caracol  with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
2.11.16 Barcelona (ESP) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Apolo II with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
1.11.16 Luynes (F) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Le Korigan with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
31.10.16 Lyon (F) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at CCO with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
30.10.16 Lausanne (CH) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Les Docks with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
29.10.16 Brescia (ITA) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Circolo Colony with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
28.10.16 München (D) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Backstage with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
27.10.16 Salzburg (AUT) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Rockhouse with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
26.10.16 Ljubljana (SL) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Gala Hala with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
25.10.16 Budapest (HU) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Barba Negra with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
24.10.16 Prague (CZ) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Storm with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
23.10.16 Katowice (PL) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Mega Club with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
22.10.16 Warsaw (PL) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Progresia with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
21.10.16 Berlin (D) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Nuke with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
20.10.16 Copenhagen (DNK) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at BETA with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
19.10.16 Hamburg (D) Bloodshed Rituals Tour at Markthalle with Inquisition / Rotting Christ / Mystifier
7.-11.9.16 Hüttikon (CH) Meh Suff! Festival at Hüttikerberg with Triptykon / Samael / Coroner / Bölzer etc.
10.8.16 Le Locle (CH) Rock Altitude Festival with Behemoth / Mayhem / Entombed A.D. etc.
5./6.8.16 Corroios (PRT) VOA Fest with Anathema / Opeth / Katatonia / Abbath etc.
15.7.16 Abtenau (AUS) Invokations at the Holy House at Neudegg Alm with Incantation / Chaos Invocation / Nervo Chaos
2.7.16 Barcelona (ESP) Move Your Fucking Brain Extreme Fest at Death Field with Haemorrhage / Wormed / Demonical etc.
29.4.16 Basel (CH) Czar of Crickets Festival at Kaserne with Zatokrev etc.
22.4.16 Fribourg (CH) at Fri-Son with Ashtar / Kernal
18.12.15 Aarau (CH) at Floessterplatz
31.5.15 Bern (CH) at Dachstock with Saint Vitus
24.5.15 Fribourg (CH) at Nouveau Monde with Amenra
6.3.15 Olten (CH) at Coq d'Or with Ravencult / Drowned / Funeralopolis
6.12.14 Bern (CH) at Grafitti with Bloodstained Ground
19.11.14 Lausanne (CH) at Le Romandie with Dragged Into Sunlight
26.10.14 Nürnberg (D) Venereal Dawn Tour at Rockfabrik with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
25.10.14 Winterthur (CH) Venereal Dawn Tour at Gaswerk with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
24.10.14 Wien (A) Venereal Dawn Tour at Viper Room with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
23.10.14 Berlin (D) Venereal Dawn Tour at Magnet with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
22.10.14 Essen (D) Venereal Dawn Tour at Turock with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
21.10.14 Nijmegen (NL) Venereal Dawn Tour at Dornrosje with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
20.10.14 London (UK) Venereal Dawn Tour at Underworld with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
19.10.14 Paris (F) Venereal Dawn Tour at Point Ephemere with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
18.10.14 Trier (D) Venereal Dawn Tour at Exhaus with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
17.10.14 Vevey (CH) Venereal Dawn Tour at Rocking Chair with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
16.10.14 München (D) Venereal Dawn Tour at Feierwerk with Dark Fortress / Secrets of the Moon
4.10.14 Genève (CH) Helvete Underground Festival at La Graviere with Darkspace / Rorcal / Bölzer etc.
24.5.14 Ilmenau (D) at BH-Club with II / Vehemenz / Ka-Tet (canceled)
16.5.14 Lörrach (D) at Altes Wasserwerk with Firtan / Ataraxy
19.4.14 Bülach (CH) at Guss39 with Dark Buddha Rising / Aluk Todolo / Mr. Peter Hayden
21.3.14 Zürich (CH) at Dynamo Werk21 with The Ruins of Beverast
5.7.13 Zürich (CH) at Dynamo Werk21 with Evoken / Excruciation
25.3.13 Zürich (CH) at Planet5 with Mournful Congregation / Traumalice
12.1.13 Bern (CH) at Neubau Graffitti with Minas Morgul / Atritas
12.5.12 Ilmenau (D) at BH-Club with Farsot / The Evershed Effect / Ka-Tet
10.3.12 Pratteln (CH) at Z7 with Feuerengel
3.3.12 Basel (CH) at Sanctum with Gorath / The Evershed Effect
16.12.11 Zürich (CH) at Dynamo Werk21 with The Devil's Blood (canceled)
26.11.11 Worblaufen (CH) at Downstairs with Atritas
19.11.11 Lörrach (D) at Altes Wasserwerk with Obscure Infinity / Frijgard / Destination: Hell
3.9.11 Basel (CH) at Villa Rosenau with Pombagira
13.8.11 Uster (CH) at Rock City with Atritas
22.7.11 Uster (CH) at Rock City with Jex Thoth / Lord of the Grave
19.3.11 Zug (CH) at Industrie45 with Forgotten Tomb / Farsot
12.2.11 Basel (CH) at HQ with Excruciation
11.12.10 Zürich (CH) at Dynamo Werk21 with Temple of Baal / Vorkreist / Ab Occvlto
4.9.10 Grenchen (CH) at Frostland Underground with Blutmond